Tuesday, August 12, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams

A 1992 sketch by the incomparable Eric Goldberg, the Robin Williams of Animaiton. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cow of the Week! Starting tomorrow...

I've been posting these on Instagram for a few weeks. Starting tomorrow as a weekly feature here! You cannot escape the cow!

Friday, August 1, 2014

The last time I drew Ariel...

Well, ok, the ONLY time I drew Disney's "Ariel" from THE LITTLE MERMAID, was in this brief 1.7 second shot, a series of three that were among the first scenes I got to animate on the movie.

I was working with supervising animator Duncan Marjoribanks on his "Sebastian" character, (the crab) and in the song "Under the Sea" I did a series of shots where he leaps off Ariel's lap, springboards off her tail, and lands next to a big blue lobster who plays the "marimba" clamshells with him.

Ariels is basically one pose, a "moving hold" (two barely different keys with a long chart in-between), I think her hair and tail animated slightly. No doubt Mark Henn, who was the supervising animator for Ariel in this sequence,  and his assistant Jun Fujimoto made sure it was on model even still. But all the same , I can say I got the rare chance to draw this character for a little over a second and due to fate, it became one of the first color stills to promote the film in print & merchandise. This is from a postcard I found in my files recently.

The movie LITTLE MERMAID was a real challenge and thrill to work on. It's always nice to see how many people love it still, despite the advances in film and animation since then. It carries its charm and impact even to young people I meet who weren't old enough to see it in the theater! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Cats and dogs, living together…"

In honor of Throwback Thursdays, (a tradition I have mixed feelings about) here are two character designs I did in 2008 for a project in development at IMAGI studios. I was given an opportunity to re-boot a property called CAT TALE, about a cat living in an all-dog world. I loved the premise and wrote a 12 page treatment, working it up into a full script and even taking a 60-second teaser-trailer into full production. Alas, the financial crisis put an end to IMAGI (here in the states anyway) and as often as I have looked into the status of this property or the whereabouts of the rights, I can't seem to find out anything definitive.

These were done over Thanksgiving weekend 2008. I did the drawings very large in order to get more detail than usual into them. The color/ paint / texture was done by an artist at Moonscoop studios in Woodland Hills. I was never completely happy with the cat character - being the main guy he sort of went thru the usual Too Many Cooks process and there were various limitations and demands built into the design based on what the CG company doing the teaser could/could not do. I liked the dog tho, he has a nice MGM feel (despite his left arm appearing to be on backwards in the painting - it was a rush job over a holiday weekend what can you do?). I do remember the broadness of the designs scaring everybody, an earlier iteration was much more tame and "realistic" (read: looking like actual cats and dogs stiffly walking around on two legs, which I found creepy as hell).