Sunday, June 17, 2007

EDITOR'S NOTE: A sore for site-heads

I am really enjoying ker-blogging and thank everybody for their support. I only wish I had started way back when I was first inclined to. Unfortunately tho, I am going to have to enable "Comment Moderation", something I didn't at first want to do. I said I endorse dissent and I do. I myself am a pretty opinionated guy and among friends I am known to even be blunt, given that I allow my friends to be as blunt as they wish with me. But with people I know less well a little diplomacy goes a long way on both ends of the conversation.

The dillema here is one that's probably all too familiar to veteran bloggers: people who use "dissent" as an excuse to be as rude as they wish start posting little digs and big slams against me and or people/projects/places I support. If I don't comment in turn it looks like I tacitly endorse their posts; if I do comment, I wind up in long, defensive dialog with the "squeakiest wheel" while the people who have stopped by and taken the trouble to say something positive get ignored. Not fair. The internet should be informal but I wouldn't visit a relative stranger's home and start criticizing the decor with abandon.

"Handel" hasn't said anything I can't handle. "Max" doesn't see what I see in Oskar Fischinger, and that's fine. It didn't take me too long following "Thad K's" web career to figure out he probably loathes pretty much everything I've ever worked on, and that's fine too. He's pretty harsh elsewhere in his comments and he's entitled to be. Still, to his great credit, he tempers his language with well chosen words when he visits here and I greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately not everybody has that sense of discretion when it comes to judging what sounds like an insult and what doesn't. Nobody has to kiss my butt every time they post, but showing a little tact is just plain courtesy. I do the same for anybody else and if I slipped up I wouldn't have to be told twice.

So "Comment Moderation" is on for now. Dissent is welcome as always. Rudeness isn't.


Max Ward said...

Whatever you have to do is fine, just keep posting! And apparently what I thought was Oskar Fischinger on YouTube wasn't Oskar Fischinger, so I still have a chance to see what you see in him.

Thad K said...

Sorry if I insulted you, as I most definitely didn't mean to.

Lots of great drawings all over this blog BTW!

Will Finn said...

Thad--You haven't insulted me here, no way! I was trying to point out that you in particularly have gone out of your way to use better judgement than at least one commentor I've had to wrangle with so far. No need for an apology, or compliments for that matter, (the great drawings here are Syverson's IMO).

I've re-edited the post for clarity (hopefully) and anybody who reads these comments will get this even more clearly.You're entitled to what you want to think about anything. i've got faith in your ability to approach the topics here with a level head, too. sorry about any confusion. this blogging stuff is a little more complicated than i thought i would be...

Ward Jenkins said...

Will, considering that you've worked on a great deal of films and with various studios throughout your career, I was surprised that you hadn't enabled Comment Moderation sooner. I completely understand why you've chosen to do that -- blogging since '04 I've had my share of ignorant comments directed towards me -- and I don't take it personally that you've had to moderate. Others shouldn't as well. It's a matter of "quality control", so to speak, making sure that the conversation stays the course. There's nothing more frustrating than having some idiot furiously blast a particular person/artist/movie (or myself) when it clearly strays from the discussion at hand. I'm glad for your decision on this -- let's hope you're not having to put up with the bad eggs for too long.

Keep doing yer thang, Will -- it's a pleasure to read from your perspective. Many thanks.

Will Finn said...

max/ward--glad you like the kid's sketch below. the perfectly kid-like humor really caught me off guard for some reason.

ward--thanks for your advice. i continue to impress myself with my gullibility toward human nature. i think your line about keeping the conversation on course is right on the money.

so far tho most everybody has been fine and in person i am pretty thick-skinned. hell, my own younger brother hates the disney stuff and i don't mind... but i am ending a vacation today and won't have time to iron out endless differences with those who claim to be fans but still want to level blistering attacks here regarding my recent career choices, or offer technical tips on percieved flaws in my old animation... let them do it elsewhere, they are perfectly entitled to. i for my part am entitled to decide what's worth publishing here and what isn't from now on.

your encouragement means a lot to me.