Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kimball jpegs fixed ( I think)

My apologies to people who tried to open the Kimball jpegs (below) to no avail. I've re-loaded them and they seem to be working fine now--but let me know. Thanks to "Dustin" and "Ninja Dodo" for the heads-up.


Thad K said...

Hey Will,
I read in another comments section that you went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I'm going into their Media Arts & Animation program this October. I'll let you know when a project of mine is finished so you can see how awful it is!

Will Finn said...

No kidding?!! i loved the school but when i went even the cartooning teacher told me animation was "dead" and they had no program for it at all. i didn't listen an took a stab at making a pretty inept film in his class tho. he appreciated the initiative and gave me a good grade.

I really liked the city of Pittsburgh too. It's nice to live in a big town where you can get around on foot most of the time!