Saturday, June 30, 2007


Yesterday I saw one of those SHREK-type things about a rat that helps a guy make French food. It was very clever, and though I can't for the life of me remember the title, it is surely one of the most enetertaining movies I have ever seen... Why doesn't Disney get off the dime and make something like that?

All kiddin' aside, congratulations to my friends and colleagues at PIXAR on RATATOUILLE, a real gem of a movie (this means YOU Ted, Teddy, Tony, Ronnie, Peter d, Doug, Jim etc). This one for me actually transcended animation, and at the same time made excellent use of it. The character designs are outstanding, the animation subtle and rich and the environments are breathtaking. The story is one of those original fables that makes you surrender to even the most unlikely ideas; and confronts hard realities while indulging in the kindest of fantasies. And without a doubt, some of the best looking animated end credits anywhere, i could watch a whole movie's worth of those alone!

And while allowing all credit due to Brads Bird & Lewis, let me add special compliments to chef Jan Pinkava for conceiving a premise equal parts Walt Disney and Woody Allen (and the best of both).


Jenny said...

Ha! Nice review.. Pithy and made me laugh out loud to boot(yes, why doesn't Disney get off that dime?).

Yes, it was a very sweet experience, seeing that.

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