Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Evening SYVERSON Post

Dining out. (I know I printed the roast pig one before but this is a higher resolution scan)
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Marcos Mateu said...

Will, good to see you have your own blog too!
(It's Marcos from layout in "Eldorado" by the way)
Anyway, I'll be passing by often now that I know where to find your work!
'best regards

Pete Emslie said...

Hi Will,

I'm so glad to see you've got a blog going - in fact, yours was the direct inspiration that made me decide to finally start one too, just this past week!

I must confess, I was unfamiliar with Syverson's work but it is quite wonderful to see. His little characters are so simple in their economy of line, yet every line just sparkles with inner life. These drawings just make me happy! By the way, thanks too for posting the Walt Kelly drawings. I'm a lifelong "Pogo" fan, but it's always interesting to see Kelly's other work too. Do you have the book he illustrated for John O'Reilly, entitled "The Glob"? Maybe I'll scan in some pages of that book to post on my blog in the next little while.

Again, so nice to see you online. I always thought very highly of your animation at Disney. Your approach always had the warmth I associate with Ollie's drawing. I'll drop by here often!

Pete Emslie

John S. said...

These are so damned fun! So much energy!