Monday, June 18, 2007

Syverson in light Armour

These are "real" people illustrations by Henry Syverson, for those who might think he only drew animals and the little pajama-ghosts from Saturday Evening Post.

Both are from humor books by Richard Armour, an author I enjoyed in high school. Armour made light of subjects like history and literature with mild satire characterized by ridiculous over-use of foot-notes, which were often even funnier than the text.

They come from two of his later books, A SPOUSE IN THE HOUSE and A DIABOLICAL DICTIONARY OF EDUCATION (circa mid70's), the only ones I know of that Henry Syverson illustrated. Most of Armour's earlier books were illustrated by ex-Disney story man and spellunker, Campbell Grant. More about him to come.


Mark Mayerson said...

Hi Will. I want to thank you for the Syverson material that you're printing. I was aware of his work from the Saturday Evening Post, but didn't know the books he had illustrated.

It's interesting to me that his posing is fantastic but his line is anything but slick. It just goes to show how little the line matters if the drawing itself is good.

Floyd Norman said...

Great stuff, Will.

I've loved Syverson's work ever since I was a kid.

Thanks for posting.

Will Finn said...

thanks mark. glad you like these, i have lots more. i agree with you about the line, but i also probably scanned them too large, way larger than they were originally drawn or printed.

i;m enjoying your posts about story and animation as a guy who has worked in both. its very absorbing but i haven't formulated a comment yet. my own experiences, of course are unique to me. i crossed linked to you btw from "uncle eddie's" interesting obervations about the same.

Hi Floyd!
Glad you like these too! More to come. You should web-publish some of your greatest hits! You no doubt have some rich observations about current events we;d all love to see...

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Great Syverson stuff, Will!

I particularly like the gradutation one (I'm graduating next week).

I never heard of Syverson before your blog. What style! So simple yet so elegant.

I just picked up the "Complete New Yorker Cartoons" & they all look so great!