Saturday, July 21, 2007


CLICK HERE to visit the site of a web comic created by my friend Scott Santoro and me. It's called FOSSIL FOOLS, about the creatures who failed to make the evolutionary grade back at the dawn of life on land.

We came up with this almost three years ago talking about how hard it is for some people to keep up with changing times. Scott said:"It's like the creatures in Darwin's diagram, but they're going the wrong way..." and the mental picture struck us so funny we started fooling around with Dr. Seuss-like creature designs of what must have happened during the trial and error phase of evolution. We pitched it around as an animated feature and a TV series but got tired of the inevitable "notes" suggesting we turn it into something else, so we just decided to do it as a web strip for fun. Right now there are just two main characters, but the cast is slated to grow as more creatures make the leap onto terra firma. Hope you like it.

So far there is just one strip, but more are coming. We started putting the blog together right as Scott got hired as a storyboard artist on a production in England. I'm still here in Los Angeles so we are still trying to figure out how to co-blog from a very long distance. A few crafty folks have already stumbled onto the "beta" via my profile so join the early adopters and check it out!


Richard Gaines said...

Your characters are really nice. Are you currently working on any animated projects at the moment?

Keep posting!

Will Finn said...

thanks richard. i am currently working as a storyboard artist on ASTROBOY, for IMAGI Entertainment, makers of the recent TMNT movie. i am really enjoying drawing Osamu Tezuka's characters!

Pete Emslie said...

Now, Will, surely you realize that in order to get this onto TV you're going to have to rename it "Fossil Fool School" and maybe add some pre-teen protozoa to address the situations that kids face today. Just because this all happened billions of years ago doesn't mean that it can't be relevant to contemporary school life. Get with it, mister!

Mike Gillett said...

What, no "Briffit in the Park", no "Pan Galactic Cabbie"? No links to Bob Sallows, Mel Millar - or Fran Ford even? Oy!

Seriously, how have you been?

Will Finn said...

Ohhhh MIIKKKKEEEEE! Thanks for checking in! give another holler and let me know where I kin contack you... (i won't publish your email address if you don't want me to...)
I still have the drawings from Brfffit...

Mike Gillett said...


To think none of this - Blogs and the Internet, et al - was available back a hundred years ago whilst at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (we'd have had to email with press type bought from 'Top Crotch', I guess).

What geezers! We really have turned into the Sunshine Boys!

My email address is Yours?

I'm heading out the door for the weekend. But do want to fill you in and be filled in. It's been a long time.

Until then,

Sincerely yours till Dr. Martin dyes,