Thursday, July 19, 2007


Click the above link to see JOHN K's amazing new COMCAST commercial (if you haven't already). I got to do a very short scene in it but it was a real honor. I had only met John once before but have always been a huge fan. I loved the original REN & STIMPY and the recent ones he did had some real gems in them. He's got to be one of the single most influential and unique cartoonists/animation directors around. Hope I can do it again.

Because I don't know how to animate in Flash, John was nice enough to let me animate on ancient planks of pressed wood pulp called paper ("pay-purr"). Someone else had to scan and clean up the drawings digitally, which they did quite nicely...

I also go to meet Marc Decter, John's highly organized, efficient and serene production coordinator. I didn't get to meet the rest of the team (it was a very quick turnaround) but I see that Rex Hackelberg worked on it--I am also a big fan of his blog (see LINKS A' POPPIN'). Rex's drawings and paintings have a loose and loony feel that always gets me inspired. Kali and the rest of the group did awesome work on the whole thing--congrats to all! Hope it sells a lot of Nintendos!


Andy J. Latham said...

Great work Will! By the way, I love WTF Mouse too!
Visit Andy's Animation!

mark kennedy said...

That's a really cool spot, very different and definitely memorable. Hope you guys get to collaborate on something else in the future.

John S. said...

Great stuff!!!
John has been a huge influence on me as well ever since I saw "Mighty Mouse" back in 1986.
I have no idea how Flash works either.
I hear tell it invloves witchery and black majicks.

RFarmiloe said...

Yes! Cool spot! I wish his stuff would air on TV so more could see it! Damn! I broke in with John at Filmation in '79. We were "Clampett-ites" together. Really fun times! I left and went to Disney and he took his own path. He's done some amazing things over the years. REN AND STIMPY has to rank as one of the more ORIGINAL and brilliant cartoons EVER on TV! Don't know how many of you have seen John's take on Yogi Bear with his two shorts...but they are out of this world! He's a true original! Never had the pleasure of animating for him...but maybe some day. Anyway...really great stuff! Thanks for sharing it William!

and Mark...nice to see your posts. Haven't seen you in a long time, but I'm glad your career has gone so well for you!

rex said...

Hey Will

I love your blog! The stuff you animated on the commercial looks great!

Marc Deckter said...

Hi Will - thanks for the kind words! I should hire you as my spokesperson!

It was great getting to work with you too - I'm glad we were able to get some full animation into this spot.

Let's hope that Comcast asks us to make more!