Thursday, August 16, 2007

Miscellaneous Syverson gags


Bruce said...

What fun drawings, and it's uncanny to see a comic strip done on a wide sheet of paper, than the more typical single or three square boxes that you would normaly see in todays comicstrips.

Bruce said...

Also, I want to make an apology, for my unnecessary, enthusiastic comment during the last discussion: I felt like a complete dork for what I said, and I should of known better.

Will Finn said...

Bruce--the wide format for these gags comes from them acting as the "banner" for the humor section of the SATURDAY EVENING POST magazine. Somewhere in the composition they would always work the heading: "POST SCRIPTS" and for years Syverson owned that space, along with the occasional panel and tiny gags in the margin of the humor section.

Many of these scans come from a book they published with the "POST SCRIPTS" cut from the artwork. It's called TOUCHE and you can find it thru an online booksearch.

P.S. no need to apologize for your enthusiasm. I totally understand. i only wish there was more cool stuff we could all be working on... thanks.