Sunday, August 5, 2007


These clowns scared the begeezis outta me when I was a kid. To be honest they still kinda freak me out. Click to see bigger.


Bruce said...

Have a bit of coulrophobia, eh Will?


'There are always going to be people, (sometimes even friends, colleagues and family members) who don't understand. Don't worry about it. Even among other animators I used to take a lot of guff for liking old Terrytoons...'

I thank you for your kind words of wisdom. It definitely made me feel a lot better, while reminding me that, while I have the love & great respect for good cartoons, that philosophy doesn't apply to everyone. (Sadly, even for those who decide to enter the industry themselves)

'Enjoy Popeye, for an animator it's heaven.'

Blow me Down! Yer absoulukely correck, Will. Here are some of the things I love about Popeye:

Alot of memorable songs, which were woven into the storylines, added a lot of good feeling to the cartoons
The characters throbbing' to the music,
The most unlikely, original, fickly sex symbol
Great animation
Built 3-D backgrounds
Funny, yet clever violence
Great, distinct voices, not only for Popeye, but for the others as well
Perfect Translation From Comics To Animation
And the most important element of them all: HUMANITY (no new age messages, or any of that poppycock baloney)

'Spielberg, Scorsese, Zemekis, Woody Allen and many great filmmakers are rabid classic cartoon buffs, which puts you in better company than your "serious" film student. Fellini himself was a cartoonist.'

I didn't know Woody Allen loved cartoons from the Hollywood's Golden age. He ranks high on my list for comedians, just before Benny Hill, and right after Ben Turpin and Groucho Marx.

Richard Gaines said...

Really fun illustrations nonetheless! I remember having dreams based on characters like these. What they were about was a different story...too surreal to explain.

Bruce said...

I forgot to mention the following:

-That these Golden Book Illustrations are wonderful to look at (i.e. it's colour coded brain food)

-My second post for the history of Popeye is up.