Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Woody

Penultimate WOODY post. Click to see bigger.
Is it just me or does the redheaded bandmaster resemble Danny Kaye? Not an actual caricature, but the type perhaps. He was popular back then and had red hair, (like Woody).


Patrick said...

thankyou so much for all those posts Will now I know how I want to draw when I grow up.
All those colors with age become totally sublime.
I hope you are keeping well .

Thad K said...

Great stuff as usual!

Will, leaving this comment here too so you can see it...

I'm not a giant Fred Moore fan, but I can tell you he did these scenes offhand (these are all on the new Woody set). The Lantz credit system sucked, and it was often the animators who did the least amount of footage on the cartoon who got credited.

The Mad Hatter- Woody dreaming of wooing girl, grabbing telegram, getting excited; ending of Woody stuffing hat on girl. Moore most likely did uncredited layout work on this film too.

Wacky-Bye Baby- Ending with Woody serving Wally ball, getting shot at, and jumping thru iris out

Wild and Woody!- Woody riding horse into town, Buzz gunning down new sheriff, taking down his 'score'

Scrappy Birthday- Whole opening up to Andy getting knocked on head

He may have also done animation in Wet Blanket Policy.

lotusgreen said...

those are wonderful, and yes! he does!

Kali Fontecchio said...

I have that golden book as well!

Will Finn said...

Kali-- Have you ever seen the BULLWINKLE FIREMOOSE one? i had it as a kid and haven't seen it since, but if memory serves it was pretty good.

i think the artwork was by Hawley Pratt, a DePatie-Freleng guy.