Tuesday, August 14, 2007


When it's this hot and tempers run short, there's only one cure: listen to/watch the late great Sam Kinison.


John S. said...

Great drawing!
Sam was amazing. I'll never forget that Rodney Dangerfienld HBO special that had Sam, Jerry Seinfeld and a very youthful Roseanne. The real standout was Sam. Man, he was on fire. That was the set that made his career. There was no one like Sam.

anim8ed said...

LOL! He's fantastic!!!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

The way he screamed always got me. That distinct tone of his when he screamed always made me laugh.

Will Finn said...

I posted this Tues night, but Wednesday turned out to be a Sam of a day... Nothing major, just lots of life working overtime to get my goat. Glad it's over.

John, the Rodney show you mentioned is the very one i was watching when I drew this! One of his most brilliant sets ever... Boy do I miss him.

Mike Gillett said...

Sam was indeed a one of a kind. I was suprised he didn't blow a major artery right there on the stage! He was as "up" as Steven Wright is "down". Can you imagine a comedic dialog? "Bob and Ray" on pharmaceuticals! Loved him on "Married with Children".

Meant to ask... Will, in your many splendored and varied career thus far... what has been the highlight? Favorite project? Favorite company? Favorite position? What would you do if someone bankrolled you? Cartoon version of "Confederacty of Dunces"? Remake of something? Got something creative boiling on a back burner?

Do you have a favorite animated movie other than one you've worked on? How about a much hated and reviled animated flick of late?

Any regrets?

Aaron Sowd said...

Great caricature! I knew who it was immediately! Love Sam and Bill Hicks! They were the best!

Will Finn said...

hey Mike, that's a good questioinaire there... like a lot of other people (i guess) it's kind of hard to get perspective on life while it's happening so thanks for making me thing about it.

the early 1990's were a lot of fun and i think i liked them most because i was finally figuring out how to animate. i got sidetracked into storyboarding before that, and again after that, and then started directing and back to boarding again but 2-d character animation is my favorite thing to do and i really miss it. i would jump at the chance to do it again.

an animated CONFEDERACY sounds like a great idea, but i enjoy the prose at least as much as the rambling story, which is a challenge. a truly wish someday i could work on a full length cartoon that is absolutely insanely cartoony...maybe an animated feature based on Milt Gross' COUNT SCREWLOOSE. or on BRRFFFIT IN THE PARK.

Scott said...

"a truly wish someday i could work on a full length cartoon that is absolutely insanely cartoony..."


Why don't you and Krisfalusi do it? You two would probably make the greatest animated feature ever... seriously!

Bruce said...

I feel a tad out of place here, because I never heard of the fellow. Was this guy a singer, Will?

Pete Emslie said...

I still hope that you'll end up at Disney Feature Animation again to create more great films for me to enjoy. Yes, I know I'm selfish that way... :)

Wonderful EXPLOSIVE Sam Kinison by the way!!

Will Finn said...

scott an' peter, you guys are makin' me blush! (but gowrsh, thanks!)

bruce: sam was a stand-up comedian with a loud screaming voice. he lived a hard, fast, rock and roll lifestyle and died young in a car wreck.

Mike Gillett said...

"Briffit in the Park", huh? (I see the dog often, but I sure miss the old broad. I can still draw her, oddly enough! Three berries on her hat. Go figure.)

THAT indeed would be worth something to see on the big screen besides a pre-chewed sequel of a tepid prequel or a rehashed remake of a sepid, septic TV show! Might I be able to wash your cells so I can say I worked on it even a little?

Will - methinks you should resurrect/reconstruct the "Termite Terrace" days... I miss the golden and olden days of cartoons before the featured pictures. You could do a great service for all mankind... all of life's socio-economic problems became festering pustules when they got rid of them!

Bruce said...

Will, you could create and direct your own animated short, and send it to a film festible.

Wishfull thinking, I know, but if you were ever going to, or for that matter, work with Johnny and his crusaders again, I will take the quickest flight to L.A. and plead to work with you as an assistant. I mean it. I will quit my job (hate working at Wal-mart) and work with you guys. If you let me, of course.

Oh, and when did you quit/leave WDFA? Also, I heard that, when you were designing Iago from Aladin, you had made a caracture of Gilbert Gottfried, the voice actor for Iago, into a parot, then the rest is history. Is this true?

Will Finn said...

GENERAL NOTE: "Brrfft in the Park" refers to an attempt to make an animated film in art school by Mike G and me. Mike drew a dog he dubbed
"Brffft" ("brffts" are what some print cartoonists used to call action lines) and I had drawn a grouchy old lady that took him for a walk. After years of blabbing about animation the main thing I learned from making the film was that I had a lot to learn. As in: everything. Mike and I had lots of laffs making it tho.

Thanks for the offer Bruce but hang onto your plane fare. These things usually have unbelievably quick turnaround and I know John likes to use his own assistants.

As for yearning to revive the old shorts, there are countless artists much more talented than me all hoping for the same thing. Some like Nick Cross just blaze out and make their own film and I applaud them. I am currently awaiting a DVD copy of his recent short THE WAIF, and you can check his blog to see some of his new short YELLOW CAKE.