Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pal Plugs

Two recent blogs have hit the waves by friends of mine worth visiting:

MIKE GILLETT has chosen the title BLANK FIELDS for his site, a collection of drawings and cartoons of high quality. Mike and I were inseparable pals in art school (ART INSTITUTE OF PITTSBURGH) back in the late 1970's. We were practically clones as well: a pair of pasty-faced white boys with long greasy hair and bad eyesight from small towns in NY state. (He has since grown a beard so we can be identified more easily in our newfound dotage.) We both loved cartoons, but Mike's professional interest took him to print cartooning, while I remain(ed) obsessed with animation. I hope he publishes some of the amazing comics he drew of a certain character he invented back then as a personal avatar (hint hint)--you will be amazed.
Mike and his lovely wife Karen live in the midwest but the magic of the interweb has put us back in touch and I like to think my little blog has had a part in shaming him into publishing his wares for a wider audience....

MAGGIE KANG of Dreamworks storyboarding fame makes a home at THE NUTMEG TREE, where she has put up story excerpts and personal sketches, including a fantastic comic drawn when she was a kid. Maggie has a killer sense of humor and a disarming knack for drawing adorable characters, a combination that is impossible to resist!


Mike Gillett said...

...Plug away, Will.

Always appreciated. Much needed.

Your's 'til Dr. Martin's Dyes,

Mike Gillett said...


Well, sir, you have your wish - my porcine avatar is now posted on my site!



I have to check these blogs out man. And by the way, those Mr. Burns drawings ar freaking awsome! I love them so much. I just love Mr. burns too man. just about every scene involving that character is genious.