Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sheilah Beckett's MIKADO pt. 1

I've meaning to post this for some time. I have a better copy of this book (these are slightly off-register in the color separation) but I cannot find it for the life of me. If it turns up I will swap these out and update.

These are circa 1940 and feature lively depictions of Gilbert & Sullivan's immortal characters. Of the three Savoy operas she illustrated (PINAFORE and GONDOLIERS being the other two) this one is my favorite. Enjoy. Click to see bigger.


Amy said...

Wow, Nanki-Poo has really nice legs :)

Wand'ring minstrelsy will do that to you, I guess..

Will Finn said...

amy-- his kimono is so short in that picture it barely qualifies as a shred or a patch.

i'm guessing most of these costumes are based on the d'oyly-carte ones of the era (a technicolor movie was made around that time and it looks similar). she seems to have riffed it on the miniskirt robe tho.

lotusgreen said...

nanki wants some hanki panki?

thank you thank you will!

Elliot Cowan said...

I imagine if you are a fan of this opera then you've seen the WONDERFUL movie, Topsy Turvy?
If you haven't, you should.

Will Finn said...

Thanks Elliot, i have seen the wonderful TOPSY-TURVY movie and loved it, especially Jim Broadbent's vivid performance as W.S. Gilbert.

I also recently discovered a filmed version of the D'Oyly-Carte version circa 1966 available on DVD. The staging is pretty static (and there is at least one minor cut) but it features all the performers from my favorite audio recording of the show. I highly reccomend this one to MIKADO fans everywhere.