Sunday, October 7, 2007


THE JUNGLE BOOK 40th ANNIVERSARY DVD boasts the richest, deepest picture yet and the faithful yet stunning audio I have been waiting decades for. Extras include original demos of unused songs, a re-created story reel of the deleted rhino sequence, and several documentary interviews with participants and admirers including the Sherman Bros, Woolie Reitherman, Andreas Deja, Brad Bird, James Baxter and even yours truly.

(my pal and FOSSIL FOOLS co-creator) has a new personal blog. Here he is chronicling his stay in London as he storyboards on an upcoming film. He may also post progress on a children's book he is working on for next fall and more. Check it out...

is a side-splitting short film ostensibly made to promote protective footwear in 1965 by unsung genius Len Glasser. It's actually a series of fast-paced animated and live-action skits that seem to presage everything from ROGER RAMJET to Monty Python, THE PRODUCERS, KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE and more. If you like Fred Crippen, Saul Bass, Ernie Pintoff and general hilarity click the link now and thank me later. (Your feet will thank me too) Available at CARTOON BREW FILMS for just 2 bucks, it is well worth it.


Bruce said...

Hey Will, how's it going?

I had recently enjoyed the 40th anniversary of 'The Jungle book,' and I have also enjoyed the various documentries on the dvd, but I was ammused to see you on the dvd, and how this film was a inspiration for you. You can read my thoughts on the dvd (and what I think about you) on my blog.

Also, what do you think of the 1947 Charles Jones cartoon, 'A Pest in the House?'

See you later,

From a inspiring cartoonist/ artist


Will Finn said...

i will check out the PEST post when i get some time to savor it. i love that short and have a mildly funny story about talking with Chuck Jones about it one time.


Will!! I just watched the new Jungle Book DVD along with the bonus material! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST DVD's ever produced for an animated film! It was so great seeing all of the talent (such as yourself) talking about the movie with such love and knowledge on the making of. It's incredible. And the Movie itself looks and sounds incrdeible , and it's in the correct aspect ratio finaly!
Now I gotta go check out Scotts blog!! Take care man!

David Nethery said...

Yay ! I'm really enjoying the new Jungle Book DVD so far . It does look good ! I skipped around the main feature just to see how it looked and sounded and now I'm taking in the making-of on Disc 2 .

And I was happy to see that the making-of segment had footage of Woolie Reitherman with his cigar in hand and not even a warning up front about the Pure Unadulterated EVIL™ of smoking tobacco . (I guess we'll have to wait for the "One Hundred & One Dalmatians" Platinum DVD for that ... Cruella is really, really bad because she smokes and all people who smoke are really, really bad ... oops, but Roger smokes a pipe and that Walt Disney guy ... oh... geez)