Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some girls...

Jenny Lerew has observed that a lot of us guys spend a fair amount of time sketching girls...and I ain't no different! (overdub Daffy Duck laughter).
I never got to animate a character of this type and I don't know if I'd be good at it but I'm going to have to try it sometime...
(ps. the girl in green is not supposed to be that babe from BATMAN. I don't know from BATMAN since 1967).


mark kennedy said...

Nice sketches! Jenny is right, except for those of us who aren't good at drawing girls. Then we avoid them like the plague.

The Jerk said...

nice stuff, I like the Krazy Kat bit with the brick in the first pic.

Bruce said...

Interesting studies, especially with the red head in second pick.

"Jenny is right, except for those of us who aren't good at drawing girls. Then we avoid them like the plague."

I don't believe that. If there was something I had a problem with drawing, I would continue to draw and study it until I have understand the principles & construction.

If that fails, then it's off to the library!

Besides, drawing animals, caricatured or otherwise are a greater deal of pain to analyse & construct) than drawing the average shapely chick with HUGE....Tracks of land.

Again, that's just me.

Your thoughts, Will?

(BTW, I have posted part 1 of my Terrytoons post, in case if you're interested)

Later, from an inspiring cartoonist/ artist


Jenny said...

Aw, Will--they're so cute!
I'd love to see any of them animated. Please!

...and btw don't pay any heed to Mr. Bashful there in comment #1-I know I've seen a girl or two from him and they were cherce too. ; )

Floyd Norman said...

Traditional girls beat CGI girls everytime. Girls are organic, I guess.

Anyway, they're fun to draw and even more fun to animate. Heck, you don't even have to be a guy -- but it helps.

Cool sketches, by the way.

Jorge Garrido said...

Man, dig those flowing lines on the busty babe at the bottom! Nice colour, too!

Max Ward said...

Do you ever have time to animate casually in your free time?

And yeah, I am going to AIP now. It's hard!

Will Finn said...

max, i still have a disc and lots of paper, but i will have to find the right subject matter to do something on my own. i love animating but it takes an enormous amount of concentration for me.

i you are getting the most of your art education. really study the fundamentals (life drawing, composition, perspective, etc) and get the most out of it.

i thank everybody for your encouraging words. gil elvgren i'm not but i can dream can't i?

Marcos Mateu said...

Some cute gals here!
Well, aparently we missed out on each other for just a bit at Dreamworks.
So far so good overthere and hopefully I'll see you next time you come by!

Chris Battle said...

We love them girlies, yes we do... Nice sketches!

btw... if you like the girlies, you're missing out if you never saw the 90's Batman much.... Lynne Naylor & Shane Glines did some great work there... and some guy named Timm, apparently. :P

Will Finn said...

thanks Chris--how funny you should mention Bruce Timm's BATMAN, i just bought Season One on DVD for one of my kids... i will have to check it out. i remember when it began i always thought it was a miracle that BATMAN wasn't just handed off to the "usual gang of idiots" at the studios. i always wondered if it fell into the right hands entirely by mistake... whatever happened, what i have seen is pretty amazing.

never fear--i have always been a fan of the massively talented Ms. Naylor and also am a card-carrying member of the awesome Mr. Glines' site. and i first met the great Bruce Timm way back when he was a beardless inbetweener on DRAGON'S LAIR... cripes! that was a while back!

Mike Gillett said...

Max... I am with Will here... by all means, get the most out of your education at AiP (Will and I were fellow students there). Nothing is non-applicable. I made the mistake in high school of blowing off anything that wasn't art class.... and in art school anything that wasn't cartooning class. I like to think I've compensated for that after all these years. But do it right the first time - AiP is a great school. Take advantage of it!

Oh, and while you study hard, enjoy all that Pittsburgh has to offer. Get out on weekends. You only pass this way once, blah blah blah. In fact, have a 'feesh sammich' at the Original Oyster House there at Market Square asap. Or a toasted bagel slathered in real butter from George Aikens. Aw, heck, have both. You are young. Cholesterol isn't a bad word for you yet! Enjoy!

Clio said...

Eee, I love girly sketches! You mean Poison Ivy? All the ladies in Batman were quite smashing. Or deadly.