Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Welcome to the Bloggodome

Two blogs to reccomend:

CLAUDIO ACCIARI is one of the most inspiring artists I ever met. He was blogging for a while from his native Italy but the site closed down and I lost track of him some months back. Happily he is back and on Blogger no less. He draws, paints, designs and sketches the most versatile array of artworks you can imagine. Everything he does will make you smile and fill you with awe.

RENEGADE ELVES: Scott Santoro started drawing funny comics about cynical elves years ago and sharing them with those of us lucky to know him. Now he unleashes them on the world. Rejoice.

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claudio acciari said...

Hi Will, what a beautiful surprise to see my drawing in your blog! Yes I change address because I change computer, with the old one I couldn't upload images from my desktop.
Hope you are more than well.
Great things those blogs don't you think? I'm really inspired by so many artists I couldn't imagine they even exist.CIAO
^_^ claudio