Friday, March 21, 2008

John Manders

John Manders went to Art Institute of Pittsburgh during the same time Mike Gillett and I did and his recent visit to the small room prompts me to encourage anyone who loves cartoon illustration to visit his home site www. These rabbits from one of his children's books appear to be having a lousy Easter. 

Back in school, John was the kind of guy who fostered awe, inspiration and envy all at once. His cartoons and color sense were light-years ahead of the rest of us, (well me for sure anyway) and he worked both quickly and from all appearances effortlessly. He is also a top quick sketch caricaturist, (one of the best I ever saw) and I even still have one he drew of me back in the day. Always fun to hang around, and a great sense of humor. Nothing much has changed from the look of his prolific current work. Hop on over and check it out.


Mike Gillett said...

Will, yep - that's Manders! I ran into him at an alumni show at AiP quite a few years ago. He was still the nice guy I remembered... and still talented.

I for one would LOVE to see the caricature you mentioned he did of you! "P-p-p-please Eddie!"

amir avni said...

Neat stuff, Thanks for the link!

Mella said...

Marco M.

Weirdo said...

Wonderful artwork. Cool artist.