Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Future with "Mr. Fun" / CARTOON RETRO Blog

Floyd Norman at last has a blog called MR. FUN. I have know about Floyd for a long time (since his first hilarious FASTER! CHEAPER! book came out) and I have worked and commiserated with him personally since about fourteen years ago...

Not that he needs any introduction, but he has worked at PIXAR, DISNEY and HANNA-BARBERA as a story man, writer and comics guy since the late 50's (?). His "inside" gags are the funniest and most on-target I can think of , and nobody draws a more delightfully sardonic caricature of a loveable old  grouch named 'Walt.'  Don't wait, click the link now!

UPDATE: Bloggers rejoice! SHANE GLINES has started a CARTOON RETRO BLOG where all you sinners who don't subscribe to his wonderful (and wonderfully affordable) CR site can get a peek under the hood at some free samples from the most generously proportioned stockpile of artistic goodness around. 


BillRiling said...

When I first started doing storyboards in the TV animation business, I sought out guidance from my friend from CAPS (Comic Art Professional Society) Floyd Norman. With his generous nature, he would meet me at the old Giamella's restaurant/bar in Burbank and I would show him my current storyboard pages. He took the time to go over them and make a few suggestions and gave me a lot of much needed encouragement and that has continued through the years. Floyd is in every sense a class act, a true gentle man and a perennial talent. In short, he's just a great guy and now I'm enjoying his great blog. Thanks for the link, Will.

Floyd Norman said...

Hey, thanks, Will - - and thank you, Bill.

Don't know how long I can keep this thing going. At the moment it's an interesting experiment. Plus, it's a whole new medium to play with.

In any case, it might get me to draw a few new cartoons. That's always fun.