Monday, April 21, 2008

IFFY (and his pal 'CLOROX the PIG') in "AT LONG LAST IFFY"

SPECIAL ADDED BONUS!!!! Rare behind the scenes pre-production art! (below)


Ashley Barton said...


Gahh, I'm a big fan of your work in that movie. Cogsworth is my favorite character. I really love the lively expressions you gave him! I draw him all the time. I wanna be an animator myself, y'know.

Anyway, these are hilarious. You gotta love the Napoleon Dynamite reference. And the Dilbert reference made me laugh. My favorite here, though, is that character model sheet on the bottom! It's amazing! It made me laugh. Tee hee. And a little proud of myself, because I actually GOT it. Which is a plus.

You, uhm, pretty much rock. Yeah. I'd tip my hat to you if I was wearing one and/or if you could see it across the internet.

Maybe I'll get a webcam just for that purpose.

Hat tipping.

It's like cow tipping only... with hats.

So, uh... I'll leave you with a quote.

"If it's not Baroque, don't fix it!"

'Cause I'm nerdy like that.

le lezard fou said...

hello mister will finn i'm a student a gobelins animation school and i admire your carrer like we say in france bravo monsieur

le lezard fou said...

very beautiful carrer mister will finn i'm a student at gobelins animation school in france and at this moment i'm making a lipsing with iago hihi

Floyd Norman said...

This is far better than most of the stuff I watch on television.

Iffy is spiffy!

BillRiling said...

ROFLMAO! I laughed, I cried, I peed my pants...THEN I read IFFY... and yes, I laughed some more, got just a little bit teary eyed, and found two more typos (Gawrsh, Ark)...CLOROX the pig must have the same pedigree as Arnold Ziffel, one funny pig. Fun stuff, keep it coming! Now I think I'll change my pants.

Larry Levine said...

Funny stuff & beautifully drawn (great ink lines)!

Mike Gillett said...

Will, again - as always - great stuff. Good to see more Fossil Fools. "Norman, is that you" reminds me of Norman and Alice - on the 61-B in Pittsburgh. "Of course, I have a radio, Alice, that's why we're going!"

And I love the extra feature at the end of "Iffy"... sort of the equivalent of the director's commentary and making-of stuff on the second dvd of movies. Will, you are a genius.

When are you going to post the caricature that Manders did of you?