Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cool Beans!

I had lunch with former VENTURE BROTHERS artist Uncle Phil last week and promised I'd put up a couple of the doodles I did while on a VENTURE DVD binge recently. This Adult Swim show really got under my skin and I am looking forward to the upcoming season, which starts in June. The writing is often very funny and some of the voice characterizations are priceless. The Monarch's minions Number 21 and 24 invariably make me laugh out loud.

I know the color doodle is way off model, (i didn't have any reference when I sketched it) but I did a number of sketches of Doc Venture and Hank also. Doc is fun to draw because his physique is so "real" and Hank is a real favorite character for me, with his Scooby Doo outfit and his never-say-think attitude.

These sketches probably indicate just how outside of my realm the look of the show is, but the writing is something I really admire. One of the few shows I've seen in a while that has a specific and original "voice." Hats off to Jackson and Doc for getting something this unique on the air.

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Bruce said...

If there is one thing that works well for the show is the acting tends to be very broad - it even extends to levels of sheer corniness.

I was a bit skeptical about watching the damn thing, but my animation teacher (the talented yet unsung John Delaney) had told me the show's inspirations were drawn from adventure serials & pulp magazines, but taken to great extremes.

For example, Dr. Venture is a pill-popping, barely-competent scientist who treats his children and those around him with overt disdain and contempt, while Brock is a testerone pumped macho man with a (frequently used) license to kill.

The boys are nincompoops stuck with a 1950’s mindset, but again, corn works well for those two dunderheads.

In short bursts, the show can be tons of fun to watch, and seeing Doctor “Rusty” Venture debating with Dr. Orpheus over the question of Science VS. Magic is my personal highlight of the series.

Have a good one Mr. Finn, and best of wishes.

From an inspiring animator/ artist.

Will Finn said...

Bruce, that's a very good observation about the broadness of the characterizations. It's both broad and clear.

From what I can tell it looks like it started out as a spoof of JOHNNY QUEST and spun off into at least a dozen different directions from there. It took me a while to realize that Dr. Morpheus' voice is a take off on Nicol Williamson's campy performance as 'Merlin' in the 80's flick EXCALIBUR.