Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few good sites

Some links to visit, in case you haven't already:

COMICRAZYS has posted a beloved old favorite of mine, a BULLWINKLE Golden Book illustrated by Friz Freleng's right hand man Hawley Pratt and painted (?) by Henry Garo. These pictures still srtike me as delightful as ever.

Elizabeth ("Liz") Ito
has some stuff ready for Comic Con.
Get out your credit cards, resistance is futile.

Shelly Wan is a kick-ass painter who works in visual devleopment at IMAGI. She will be at Comic Con this weekend and her stuff is already selling out fast.

The always entertaining artwork of FLEET STREET SCANDAL will be there too.

Bob Logan has an IMAGEKIND page now, from where you can buy prints of his nifty toucans to light up that drab wall space in your home or office.

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shannon said...

Hawley Pratt is one of my favorites. He's WAAAYYY underrated!