Monday, August 4, 2008

Bear with me

Friends, bloggers, blurkers and countrymen (and country women), my apologies for the snail's pace of my posting of late. I will be back into a steadier pace at some point after Labor Day but for now, various demands on my time will continue to limit the posting output here. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, I will definitely find time to check in here if anything major breaks, but in the meantime ignore the tumbleweeds blowing through here for the next four or five weeks.


Ashley Barton said...

Et tu, Brute? Hahahaha... Aheh.

Ah, that stinks. Hope your demands... lighten. Or however it is I'm trying to phrase that.

Take it easy. Don't pull your drawing muscles!

elizabeth said...

Don't hide in your office for too long, sometimes daylight is good for you!

Thanks for the support in the post below-

As for lack of posting on blogs... I'll be in the trenches with ya, buddy!

Mike Gillett said...

Will - your stuff is always well worth the wait. You are, and always will be, my favorite 'toonist. Except for Mel Millar, maybe. I hope work (a necessity) slows down a bit so you can doodle for fun (even more a necessity). Let me know about the old sketchbook of yours I have - it can be yours once again. Heading off to Upstate New York this weekend... it's been years. I'll give your regards...

Bob said...


Alex said...

Great drawing Will!!

BillRiling said...

So I take it lunch next week is out of the question? Like to catch up sometime.

Ian said...

Will you must be really good at pictionary :)

Daryl T said...

Dear Mr. Finn,

I am quite nervous writing this but I am currently researching for my dissertation about the rise and fall of the late great 2D animation renaissance. I say I'm nervous because I am writing to a big animation legend that I admire. Anyway, I was hoping if I could ask you some questions.

1. What was the industry like when you worked at the Don Bluth Studios?
2. What was it like to work on films like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin?
3. Why do you think the films produced at that time were so good, what's the reason behind it?
4. Why do you think their was a decline in the success of 2D films?
5.How did you feel about Home on the Range box-office takings?
6. How did you feel when they shut down hand-drawn animation?
7. In retrospect do you wish films like the Lion King were not as successful?
8. What do you hope for the future of the industry?

Thankyou very much for your time.

Best Regards,

Daryl-Rhys Taylor

chrisallison said...

A small recess from class. Lots to learn when you get back : )

Clio said...

Ah, the life of crunchtime deadlines. Remember to relax and have fun every once in awhile! Otherwise you start sagging from stress.