Wednesday, August 27, 2008

FYI Updates in Blogland

My friend Mark Pudliner has a blog, cataloging his latest and greatest. Mark is a fine CGI character animator with a background as an equally fine 2D animator. Check out his work, including recent storyboards, online CGI characters and solid storybook illustrations. 

Bill Riling has logged his 100th "Lewis and Cluck" strip over on his blog. To commemorate, he is making a 2009 calendar available, featuring the exploits of his characters from the past year. 

Bob Logan has re-done his site and added a new image to his print collection. 

Elizabeth Ito has separate site now for additional artwork and material for sale--Kikutowne. (This has been around a while but I am just getting up to speed). 


Rusty Mills said...

Thanks for the links! I always enjoy seeing other peoples sites and blogs. These are a few I haven't seen.
Just as a side I don't know if I ever gave you a link to my site where I have all sorts of stuff, from animation I've done to backgrounds I've painted to some of my fine art. It's at

Will Finn said...

Thanks Rusty for the update. Will update soon.