Friday, August 29, 2008

More DUNCES fan art

Mother Riley laments her son's chosen profession.

Irene phones a friend.

Ignatius smolders at another missive from Myrna...

...and contemplates a fitting response to the minx.

Irene Riley in glorious color (mostly henna rinse).


Ashley Barton said...

Will - this and the last post are great! I have to admit, I'm not familiar with DUNCES, but I really like what you've done here. You make it look so easy!

Pete Emslie said...

Again, I can't claim to know the book either, but just seeing your cartoon interpretations of the characters makes me smile. They really do cry out to be animated, Will! Though I gather the literary source isn't for kids, I wish something like this could find its way to the screen in much the same way as the Bakshi films of the 1970s did, appealing to more adult sensibilities but still drawn in a fun cartoon style. It would be a refreshing change from the Photoshop blandness of such recent so-called "animated" films like "Waking Life", etc. that deliberately turn their back on cartooning, hoping to be taken more seriously by the adult audience in doing so.

animaenagerie said...

Wow, these are great Will ! Such life and good humor in these drawings. I agree with Pete : these cry out to be animated.

Are you thinking about something like that ?

Who has the movie rights to the book ?

I haven't read the book . It's always been on my list of "Books I Really Should Read" , but now your sketches have inspired me to pick it up.

(by the way: are these drawn in Sketchbook ? Some of the lines look a little 'soft' ... is that a digital artifact from Sketchbook ? The drawings are all great , but I'm not sure if the soft edges show them off to best advantage . I wonder if you could take them into Photoshop first and tweak the contrast or use the Sharpness filter to make those lines pop a bit more ? Just my .02 cents .... )

David Nethery said...

Oh, by the way, that last comment by "Animaenagerie" is supposed to be me , David Nethery.

I forgot I was logged in to my pal Andrew's blog ("Animaenagerie") which I'm a contributor to . Actually I haven't contributed anything to his blog , other than to bug him to start one and to help him out in scanning and posting some of his work. The blog is all Andrew Munro's drawings . Check 'em out. We went to Sheridan College together.

So anyway, sorry about the confusion. That was me , DN, not Andrew Munro, on the previous comment.

-David Nethery

Will Finn said...

Hi again. Thanks for the encouragement. these are really fun to draw.

unfortunately the movie rights remain in the hands of the mighty and powerful in the live action realm, where fate has consistently thwarted production. tho i'd love to pitch it as a cartoon, but i'd have to call in some pretty big markers to even get a shot at that. I've thought about it tho... right now these are just for fun...

Dave these are drawn in Sketchbook, yes, but my sketching tool of choice is the airbrush, scaled down to it's smallest pintpoint (or nearly so). When i want to darken the lines i double up the line layers. This gives a kind of ghostly line not unlike a prismacolor pencil. some people like this effect, others don't. it remains inexplicably comfortable for me though.

Bruce said...

These are some fun drawings, Will. My favorite would have to be the one where Ignatius was pushing the hotdog cart. I was in stitches when the cart had the slogan "10 inches of Paradise".

I should also thank you for posting the link for the inking lesson, since it would help me a lot.

From an aspiring animator/ artist

Mike Gillett said...

Will - thanks... I always, always enjoy seeing your stuff. And combined with "Confederates" is a special treat. I've always pictured Ignatius and Holden Caulfield rooming together... it'd be a toss-up who'd drive the other out (or crazy), if you really want to know the truth.

I hope you'll post some "classic" Finn stuff from days-gone-by. And, by the way, the sketchbook is going to the post office this weekend...