Sunday, August 31, 2008


Here's how I felt in the moments before I kicked the crap out of an iPod recently:

Perhaps nobody portrayed the insidious betrayal of technology better than Chuck Jones, notably in seemingly endless gags of the ROAD RUNNER/COYOTE series. But in ONE FROGGY EVENING he pinpoints the nexus of frustration in the body of the singing frog--it's not just that it doesn't function, it's that it functions perfectly until it's critically crucial. In fact, it only functions when it isn't necessary, which is something I have detected in hi-tech machinery since even before the days of personal computers.

The now deceased iPod wound up taking the fall for a number of similar malfunctions that have happened of late and I can't exactly say I'm proud of it. Though it was over a year old, I only started using it recently and it only had a few hundred songs on it. But abruptly, for no apparent reason, the audio output ceased, (which kind of defeats the point). The files appeared to be running, but no audio, despite several tests with different headphones. The cost of looking into it at the "Genius Bar" would have only been time and a little $$. The cost of wiping it clean to factory settings (which probably would have worked) would have even been free.

But the cost of kicking the crap out of it? Priceless.


Ashley Barton said...

Will -- that first drawing made my day. I feel your pain.

Weirdo said...

Excellent drawings. I feel your pain Will. Technology can be a bitch to deal with. Whether it's computers that freeze up, or psychotic toasters that spit toast halfway across the kitchen, it just goes to show that technology is crazy.

BTW, have you read my latest post on "Alice in Wonderland"? You might like it.

Will Finn said...

weirdo, i did see it yes and that is a movie i like too. its probably the single cartooniest feature in the classic realm, featuring some beautiful stuff and funny voice acting.

i kind of hate the actual ALICE books tho and don't understand why they have been so endlessly remade.

Pedro Daniel said...

Great jobs Will! :D

Vince Bruni said...

Man, that must really suck. iPods are really annoying sometimes.

Bruce said...

You shouldn't be too hard on your portable MP3 player, Will.

Granted, it's a shame it had a rather short, spastic life-span, but there are other things to worry about in life. Taxes, health and malaria quickly come to mind.

But maybe it’s just me.

From an aspiring animator/ artist