Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quick sketches

Nothing monumental to report, but I just thought I'd throw these on to see if anyone is still out there. For the record I am still trying to limit my internet time and general computer dependence and finding it is a wise thing to do. As if to remind me why, a new iPod went south on me yesterday and my trusty scanner became arbitrarilly and permanently demon possessed when I turned it on to scan these simple drawings. That this slight post has eaten up more than an hour of time when it should have only taken minutes makes me realize what a nuisance the digital process is in practice (as opposed to theory). At times like this I begin to entertain driving around door to door to share posts and artwork to spare myself the sheer aggravation of it all. My computer woes don't end there but this rant will in the interest of keeping things moving.

I did these last weekend as our 4 year old son Danny zoomed around our playroom like a bee, playing with toy cars and blocks without a care in the world. I always said I love doing quick sketches and nothing moves quicker than a kid in the play zone. These were done with a chisel tip marker at no less than half a minute to a minute long.

At one point brother Tommy made a visit to sit for a sketch. Then back to Nintendo.


mark kennedy said...

Great sketches Will!!!

I hate scanning too; it's very tedious and time consuming and I always have to "stitch" everything together in Photoshop afterwards.

Clio said...

Aaaah it must be nice to have models on hand 24hrs a day ;) I need to get a cat.. or something. Great sketches!! Great stretching on the movement.

I too dislike scanning.

Oswald Iten said...

If limiting your internet time leads to sketches like these, maybe we should all give it a try :)

Just wanted to say, I really like looking at those sketches, even if they are "nothing monumental to report".

Will Finn said...

Thanks for these kind comments. I always want to do more life sketching but somehow never get away with it in public without getting the stinkeye from strangers. My kids at least have the decency to ignore me!

The scanner thing is beyond stupid. The machine is physically fine but the interface was created three operating systems ago and now wants to file things away in all the wrong places and won't allow me to effect what formats to save in. The scanner is only five years old or so but I guess that's ancient by today's standards. The most irritating aspect of computers (and their ancillary gadgets and programs) is the constant necessity to discard your equipment every two years to keep up.

Bob said...


I've been wanting to get back to sketching. Your children are always, hands down, your best subject.

I know scanning is a pain, but more please!

I'm spent but wanted to comment.


Ashley Barton said...

These are amazing sketches! I'm stealing your marker.

I really need to get away from the computer, myself. Get my driver's liscense or something.

I don't usually have problems with my scanner, though. We just got our computer about half a year-or-so ago, and the scanner/printer combo came with it, so. The only thing that bugs me is that you can't fit anything much bigger than computer paper in there all at once. Like Mark Kennedy said, I have to do a lot of stitching when I use my big sketchbook.

Sorry for the ramble. Love these sketches!

Wes Riojas said...

Hi Will,

I found your post during your computer down time. I'm glad to see your blogging. Thanks for the sketches. I've tried this same thing with my daughter. However, since she's 2, she gets too curious and ends up wanting to do a bit of quick sketching herself. And in my sketchbook. Ha.

Mike Caracappa said...

These are really cute Will. I really love the last image. You're one of my heros, man. Thanks for sharing.

Bruce said...

Firstly, that’s a nice avatar, Will.

Secondly, it's neat that your kids don't mind your presence while you sketched them, and it would be fun to show them these ‘notes’ when they’re older.

Whenever I take my sketchbook to take ‘notes’ (as I like to call them), I also get the occasional odd look as well.

It became problematic, especially when I get stuck with ideas and need some inspiration. The good old National Geographic and odd fashion magazine helps, but such sources can only go so far.

I'll stop or move to another spot if they ask me to, but all in all, it's their problem, not mine. Not trying to be rude, but such matters are not my concern, and when my subconscious takes over, I rarely take notice.

From an aspiring animator/ artist

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I Like This style of your sketches... good