Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Smarter than the average ursine goof-off.

Bill Perkins asks in a comments section below if anyone knows who may have done the artwork for the HEY THERE IT'S YOGI BEAR comic book, a tie-in that must have come out with the 1964 feature movie. I don't know and haven't seen the comic, but as I cross-commented, I too was obsessed by the movie in question and still love the character. I also see on Amazon that the film is due for a long-overdue DVD release this December, which I will definitely want.

I think I saw bits of it some years ago and admit it wasn't quite as wonderful as I remembered, but it still packs a nostalgic wallop. Nothing quite compares to the original first season of YOGI shorts, which have a kind of raw simplicity. Unfortunately things got slicker as time went on and by the time the movie was made the slickness had pretty much set in. Still, there's a kind of jerky innocence to the character that shines through. I can't wait to see it again.

Anyone who can answer Bill's questions please feel free to jump in...

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Willis Carrier said...

I love that Yogi drawing. ^