Sunday, September 14, 2008

More nonsense

Because I haven't used up enough bandwidth, I've decided to start another blog. This one, "BLUNDER BUS" is going to consist solely of story chapters and drawings based on a series of nonsense fiction I used to write with my brothers Jim and Matt when we were kids. I think we were vaguely inspired by the surreal comic book supplement of the Beatles MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR album, but our stories were populated by our sister Melinda's imaginary friends and a number of characters of our own invention. The object was to see who could write the most inane drivel and though none of the original stories survived, I always remember them as good time killers. I can't promise a post per day, but it seems like a good outlet for low-pressure creativity. Maybe I can even draft one or both my brothers into the fray with me...


BillRiling said...

Sort of a graphic novelization of MadLibs?

Bruce said...

Cute stuff, Will. It's always a pleasure to see your rough work.

From an aspiring animator/ artist.

David Nethery said...

Love the drawing , Will.

How's it going with Digicel Flipbook ? Would be fun to see some animation of these characters .

I'm working with Flipbook more this semester because some of my students are using it . I usually stick with my fave app TVP Animation , but there's a lot to like about Flipbook , too. For one thing it's a simpler, cleaner interface . Sometimes TVP is overwhelming for students getting started . Too many bells & whistles and the interface looks intimidating . (it's not once you get to know it , but the learning curve is steeper than Digicel .)

I liked that mouse walk cycle you did .

I think these characters would look great animated, or your Ignatius design.

Oh, by the way, I finally purchased Confederacy of Dunces and am waiting for a little spare time (maybe this weekend) to start on it. I notice it has a great forward by the writer Walker Percy. Have you ever read any of Percy's books ? He's a strange, interesting writer , very provocative . I've read his "Lost in the Cosmos: the Last Self-Help Book" , "The Thanatos Syndrome" , and "Signposts in a Strange Land" . I"m not sure if O'Toole's writing style is anything like Walker Percy's , but apparently it was Walker Percy who pulled the strings with his connections at Louisiana State University Press to get "A Confederacy of Dunces" originally published .