Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to Look Spooky

Like this. 


Larry Levine said...

Hi Will, Great Karloff drawing!!!

Tony DiStefano said...

Great Karloff!Heres a couple of names I want to throw at you,
Know either one?

Bob said...


Needs to be a maquette!


Pete Emslie said...

Hi Will,

I love this caricature! It's funny how this is the image I always associate with Karloff - his white hair and wispy mustache circa 1960s. I guess it's because my first introduction to him back when I was a young kid was not from any of his movies, but from the old "Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery" series of comic books from Gold Key. It wasn't until I was slightly older that I actually saw "Frankenstein" for the first time, and I had a hard time convincing myself that the monster was the same fellow I'd known as a distinguished looking older gentleman from comic book covers.

Will Finn said...

thanks friends. high praise especially coming from you Pete. your ability to capture a likeness always knocks me out.

i have tried to draw ol' Boris for decades with no success and suddenly this popped out inbetween story sketches at work the other day--no reference or even preparation--i got so lucky i surprised myself! the tonal shading and the black gobo background helped a lot--he looks like he's hosting a TV horror anthology, doesn't he?