Thursday, November 6, 2008


Since this blog is for and about cartoons and cartoonists, I realize that personal political reflection is somewhat out of place, potentially polarizing and possibly even self-serving.

But I have to say I was genuinely inspired by Barrack Obama's Presidential election on Tuesday. I would have supported and voted for him in any circumstance, but the obvious landmark in social significance is a profound and long overdue bonus. As my family gathered to hear and see his speech, which was a particularly good one, it reminded me in a strange way of Neil Armstrong's moon landing, which I saw as a kid almost 40 years ago. After reflecting a bit,  I guess for me what the two events share is the effect of witnessing undeniably positive and unprecedented events become tangible realities after ages of being considered only theoretically plausible (at best). Happily, this time it happened right here on earth. 

I am glad I got to see it, and in a small way, be a part of  it. 

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Weirdo said...

No, I don't see that as very polarizing or self-serving. I find it to be very inspiring. Maybe now we can get some good work done. I'm not asking for complete radical change, I'm just asking that we as a country reevaluate ourselves and the systems we have built and improve upon them. Good post Mr. Finn