Saturday, November 8, 2008

Small Room guest book

Yesterday a chance exchange in emails afforded a personal visit to the terrestrial small room (aka my office at IMAGI studio in Los Angeles) by none other than "UNCLE" PHIL RYNDA and STEPHEN DE STEFANO. 

Phil of course is known for his story and design work on the offbeat and delightful CHOWDER show. I've had the pleasure of occasionally grabbing a cup of chowder with Phil midway between our work locations over the past year. His erstwhile mentor, Mr. De Stefano, who I have long been a fan of but only just met in person yesterday, has credits in comic book and animation work too numerous to catalog, but including JINGLE BELLE, HELLBOY JR, THE VENTURE BROS and of course, the drop-dead perfect packaging art on the wonderful new POPEYE DVD's. My personal awareness began with the beloved (and alas defunct) anthology comic INSTANT PIANO. He resides in New York City and was visiting the West Coast on business I leave him to later divulge.

Thanks for dropping by guys!


Uncle Phil said...

Thanks for letting us drop by Will. It was a great time. We'll have to grab some lunch again soon.

Deniseletter said...

Hi Will,I want to stress your blog has very interesting dissertations and I love it!:-)

sdestefano said...

Thank you, Will! Wish we had more than half an hour to gab, 'cause I had a lot of fun talking with you and Phil! Of course, you were gracious enough to take time out of your work day, so I appreciate your generosity. I should be out soon, and we'll make more time to hang out then! Thanks very much again.~SDe

Wes Riojas said...

Sounds like a fun day. I got the chance to have dinner with Mike B. Anderson from Film Roman during the summer and it was great just hanging out with an animation pro from of the Simpsons fame.

On a side note, my wife and I saw Madagascar 2 on Saturday and I saw you were involved as a story artist on the film. Do you plan to share stories or such about that the experience?

Will Finn said...

Hey Wes--I worked on very early storyboards for MAD 2--they had a phenomenal crew and were very kind to include me in their credits.

The most vivid memory I have of it was watching the plane crash sequence (boarded by the award-winning Gary Graham) being pitched live by Tom McGrath, (co-director with Eric Darnell and lead voice of the Penguins). This was in a huge, packed movie theater and Tom put on a performance as funny as any I have ever seen.