Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few good sites

Some links to visit, in case you haven't already:

COMICRAZYS has posted a beloved old favorite of mine, a BULLWINKLE Golden Book illustrated by Friz Freleng's right hand man Hawley Pratt and painted (?) by Henry Garo. These pictures still srtike me as delightful as ever.

Elizabeth ("Liz") Ito
has some stuff ready for Comic Con.
Get out your credit cards, resistance is futile.

Shelly Wan is a kick-ass painter who works in visual devleopment at IMAGI. She will be at Comic Con this weekend and her stuff is already selling out fast.

The always entertaining artwork of FLEET STREET SCANDAL will be there too.

Bob Logan has an IMAGEKIND page now, from where you can buy prints of his nifty toucans to light up that drab wall space in your home or office.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"WTF MOUSE" keeps on walking...


Chris Allison did one. David Gemill did one. Now for the first time in about four years I've gotten off my butt and ruffed out a little walk cycle on an animation program I just started tinkering with. I am not fully up to speed with the software yet, but gradually I hope to do more.

Check out Clio's squishy leetle animal combat choreography at her site too. It's a freakin' 2D epidemic!

BTW, does anyone know how to get one of these BLOGGER movies to loop? This one conveniently ends on a breakdown where I forgot to inbetween the hair. Somewhere Nik Rainieri is smirking.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A little more MULLIN

A few more from "CLOWNING THROUGH BASEBALL" by Al Schaact, illustrations by WILLARD MULLIN.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Clockwork: the one that got away...twice!!!

This YouTube video has been pointed out to me, regarding a scene reanimated in Disney's BEAUTY & THE BEAST of "Cogsworth" the talking clock character I was supervising animator for.

The first version was not animated by me (I think I was out sick or on vacation) and I frankly begged to get a shot at re-doing it myself because I felt it was over-done and the shimmy was un-natural forced. In the grand scheme of things, that shot never came....

...Until the decision to update the film for a special home video release, (including the originally cut song "Human Again.") The studio often takes the opportunity in these special updates to address other fixes and the directors and producers knew I always wanted this scene re-done. Unfortunately, I had left Disney during that period and wasn't aware of the change or of any of the new material on the character until it was all finished. I would have re-animated the scene in a heartbeat at no charge had I been asked and still wish I had. Apologies to both animators of versions one and two (both are top-notch feature animators) but I don't like either version much and had something much more "in character" in mind. But everyone's heart was in the right place here and no "conspiracy" was at hand.

Oh well. That's what comes of not having control of your own work folks...

"But WHHYYYYYY...didn't you let ME re-do it?"
(Thanks Alexey)