Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Creative Process (Part Two)

More joy with my Inner Critic and friends...


Weirdo said...

He has heat vision AND fire breath? Excellent. Very funny. I'm beginning to like this inner critic. My inner critic only has rabid wolverines to do what he does.

Will Finn said...

you should see him on a bad day.

Simon W-H said...

heh, heh...more of these please!

Mike Caracappa said...

Hey Will,

Would you be willing to do a post about cartoons (apart from Disney) that have inspired your work? Like Warners, or Fleschier for exapmle, or even comics that inspired you? If you wouldn't mind sharing, I would be really interested to hear what you learned from them and how they influenced your work.


Mike Caracappa said...

P.S. Funny comic btw

Will Finn said...

Hi Mike

most of the stuff John K references are things i grew up loving too. LOONEY TUNES, POPEYE, TEX AVERY, HB, MAD MAGAZINE, Milt Gross, who I saw reprints of in nostalgia magazines.

I also loved PEANUTS and was a total Disney snob by the time I was about 10.

Later I discovered "underground" comix like Rbt. Crumb and Gilbert Shelton. They really inspired me, lthough I was (and still am) the squarest person around (who even uses the term "square" anymore--that's how square I am).

Because I never learned how to tag items, you will have to search, but I have a lot of posts about a relatively obscure magazine cartoonist named Henry Syverson who I very much admired as a small kid and still do.

Mike Caracappa said...

I'm probably showing what a 'young'n' I am, but I'm just now discovering how amazing some of those Popeye shorts were. I had seen some of them before as a kid, but I had always been nuts for in my own 12 year old brain, most other cartoons seemed inferior by comparison. Man, I wish I knew what I was missing then. I still admire the older Disney films, but when I look at Fleschier, Warners, etc. it's sad to me that no one sees that kind of potential for cartoons anymore.

scott said...

Hey Will,
Hi, after long time!
Is this your daily routine?
But per the entry on robots, did we never talk about Yves Chaland and Serge Clerc? Best comic robots ever.
Keep em coming.
PS Yer Linked.
Scott North o' the 49th