Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Willard Mullin alert!

Sherm Cohen is at it again! If you haven't already, get over to CARTOON SNAP for some awesome Willard Mullin art. In these entries, Mr. Mullin visits the horse track, with the usual inspiring results.
Thanks Sherm!


Mattieshoe said...

Wow. All of those are amazing!

why can't modern cartoons have this much flair and style? (let alone this level of technical talent)
It seems like there's this really ignorant idea of what a "cartoon" is supposed to look like, or act like, that hugely limits what can be done with the medium.

Speaking of which, I understand you did storyboards for Animaniacs at one point.

What year and what episode?

had you been there any time after 1993, I'd say your feelings are justified. The show really underwent a devolution after it's first season that limited the most talented people working on the show (the Cartoonists) to mere "illustrators" of a non-cartoonist's droningly detailed script.

I can see the talent of people like you shining through in the first season, but after that, it seems like any resemblance to anything fun, witty, cartoony or appealing had dissipated.

I mean, I'd rather hear a corny song with fun staging and acting than a corny song with wooden acting. (although I did like some of the first season writers, like Tom Minton.)

Will Finn said...

Hi Mattieshoe

i only did one storyboard on that show (under a fake name, like most freelance) and frankly i did not enjoy at all. let's not get into why at this point.

i did about 4 or 5 boards on TINY TOONS, for Art Vitello, a great friend and a fine producer with an excellent crew, which made it all worthwhile. To be honest, i wasn't really crazy about that series either, but then, i was spoiled by the constant exposure to the original WB Looney Tunes as a kid.

i have never met or worked with Tom Minton but I know his reputation is sterling.

Max Ward said...

The inking on this is great!

On that note, any advice for inking in PS on a tablet? I'm having trouble with the transition. All the brushes in photoshop seem really pixelated, do I have to customize them?


Max Ward

Will Finn said...

Hi Max,

i don't ink in photoshop myself, so maybe an expert will jump in. i use AutoDesk Sketchbook, I love their brushes and quick, easy custom tools. I have an old version of Photoshop, which i only use to augment art and type.

BTW, I don't know for sure but i think Mullin drew very large, which helps in loose inking.

oppo said...
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Will Finn said...

oppo - i don't recall discussing Tom Minton with Duncan M. i know of Mr. Minton mainly through other colleagues from WB TV.

Weirdo said...

Those were WONDERFUL! So full of life and vitality. Truly one of the giants of cartooning. Why no current publishing company is reprinting his work is beyond me. It's better than anything I see on the shelves on bookstores today.

BTW, thanks for putting my blog on your blog list. I'm flattered.