Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Sheilah Beckett book

Sheilah Beckett's son Sean Smith has contacted me to report that his mother has recently published a new book on the SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII. I have posted some of Ms. Beckett's wonderful illustrations before and many visitors will recognize her work from Golden Books. Among her prolific titles are: THE 12 Dancing Princesses, The 12 Days of Christmas, Cinderella (from which the above illustration was taken), and my personal favorites, a paperback version of Voltaire's CANDIDE and a trio of Gilbert and Sullivan classics.

I have posted several excerpts from the G&S book before, but my failure to index everything here will take some time to look them up.

I haven't seen the new book yet but I look forward to checking it out.


Tony DiStefano said...

Just beautiful!

Jason Lethcoe said...

Definitely worth checking out!

Max Ward said...

A lot different than his usual work, huh? More depth and form.