Saturday, June 20, 2009

Girls of Summer Solstice

I've been working on an assignment that involves drawing
a lot of girl characters, which is unusual for me. On my own
time, I have been using various styles and techniques
to trick myself into finding a way to draw female figures.
On close inspection, my anatomy probably doesn't
quite hold up.

Though I've never been a big anime fan, I
have played around with what I call "anime avatar"
proportions, which are more compact. It's tricky, but
it's also a kind of short hand for blocking things in.

There's also an old 1940's comic called SILLY MILLY,
which has a kind of Art Deco stylization, with very
cute proportions on a young woman protagonist.
The artist was named Stan MacGovern.

I'm not sure who this little butt kicker is, but I like her.

These are all still more formulaic than I'd like them to be, but I am gradually getting a kind of handle on how to balance the figures properly, even in a cartoony but sensible manner. I don't think I'm going to give Shane Glines anything to lose sleep over though.


esahC said...

I don't know, I think you're doing a good job so far. Yeah, the anatomy is pretty wavy, but other than that, I enjoy it. I say it's a nice mixture of your style and anime ladies.

BTW, speaking of which, as someone who watches anime, I must say, you're missing some really good shows that I think you'll like. I think that while you won't like the way it's inbetweened, you'll probably like some of the poses in them and see some great character study you'll probably like if you look around. But, like you said, you're not a big fan, so I better keep my mouth shut before things get ugly.

Besides, there's always Red and Jessica Rabbit to get ideas!

Will Finn said...

I liked some of FOOLY COOLY. I also like some mangas like the old LUPINS, which never seemed to translate to the screen with the print version's wildness.

The influence of anime is impossible to under-rate. One of my kids loves NARUTO and I try to enjoy watching it with him, though a lot of it is incomprehensible to me.

Weirdo said...

Cool drawings. It would be cool to see how you give these girls an individual look.

I'm not a big manga/anime fan myself either. My favorite Japanese cartoonists are Monkey Punch (Lupin III) and Akira Toriyama (Dragonball). They're very appealing to my eyes.

By the way, the girl in the picture with the detectives reminds me of Poison Ivy from Batman: TAS. Do you see that?

p spector said...

I like the "little butt kicker". She's got spunk, style, and she ain't static. From what I've seen, I think that's how you normally like to work -- at least when you're sketching, no?

rad sechrist said...

Wow, these are amazing!

Will Finn said...

Weirdo--those are both manga artist I have looked at and liked. I know who Poison Ivy is, but many thru drawings by Shane Glines and Bruce Tim. I'm still stuck in the Adam West mode where Batman is concerned.

Thanks Paul & Rad.

Chris Battle said...

I like where these are going! The roughs are pretty sweet.

... and yes, we all must bow before the likes of Shane and Lynne...

Rick Roberts said...

"I also like some mangas like the old LUPINS, which never seemed to translate to the screen with the print version's wildness"

That is SO true. Monkey Punch's manga is hilarously surreal with unique stories. The anime at it's best only captured a quater of the manga's spirit, specifically that first pilot film and 1978 movie. I highly suggest viewing the former.

Pics from the pilot film.

Some of the animation in this film is hilarous and the character designs are terrific, you can find it off bittorrent with english subs.

Rick Roberts said...

Sorry Will, I thought I made a direct link to the images. Click on "Filmography", then "Lupin III Pilot Fill", then "Images".

Will Finn said...

thanks Rick those are nice images. It's a very short pilot film tho, right?

The original comics blew my mind, both in style and content. Maybe someday some one will do justice to them on film. Your estimate of 25% in the existing animated versions is quite accurate. Monkey Punch was really on to something.

Rick Roberts said...

The pilot film is little over 12 minutes, most of the time is devoted to the characters' backgrounds. It's definetly the best thing that came out of the Lupin animated universe though again, the comics were just far more wild. As matter of fact, Monkey Punch said his biggest influence is Sergio Aragones.

David said...

I am working on a short right now which features a lot of hot girls too, that's really difficult! Ugly men are easy! You did a nice job here Will! Maybe some live drawing will help!

Pedro Daniel said...

Cute drawings! :D