Saturday, July 18, 2009


Here's another page from the book I posted on last time, the correct title for which is : COMIC CHARACTERS by Walter Foster. The other book I incorrectly identified: MODERN CARTOONS had similar art, but I can't seem to find it right now. There are a few other bits and pieces from this book I will try to scan in the future, but the scanner size vs format size makes it a bit time consuming....
(click to enlargenate)
Uncle Phil Rynda tells me that AGGIE was indeed published in the papers and he has seen a number of Sunday strips in another collection. The date on the Christmas splash at the bottom says 1954. She seems to me to be a bit like ARCHIE's female counterpart. She even has a "Jughead" type gal pal in one strip elsewhere in the book.

I don't think i ever noticed until I enlarged this page that there seems to be a naked lower extremity protruding from the snow in the Christmas Ski Party panel (left of center in the panel). Pretty pervy for Christmas!!! (Walter Foster NSFW? WTF?!)


Vic said...

Copies of both of the books you mention were in a bookshelf at my grandparents' house. Were they sold as a set?

I do remember the rear end you speak of was wearing panties, like the girl on the far right. Did this get by the printers at first and then get censored in later copies?

Thanks for the scans!

Will Finn said...

Not sold as a set that I know of, although for a long time the Walter Foster books were sold from their own exclusive display in art stores, and were grouped by category.

I still am looking for the other one. As for the nude rear end, i think it has always been there. It's such a weird gag for a mainstream strip, but who knows? This is from a very recent printing and I remember the image in a copy a friend had when I was a kid.

Your welcome for the scans. Glad you liked.