Sunday, July 12, 2009


Last of the "Monkey Punch" inspired doodles.
I actually haven't looked at any of the actual comics in a long time, I just sort of drew on my general memories of them to do all these drawings. Obviously, none of these characters are in the comics. There are other influences in these drawings too, but for the sake of simplicity, Lupin III was mainly what I was thinking about.Reference usually just intimidates me. Same tends to be true for live models, I love to do a quick gesture and then re draw it later from memory.I lose cohesion when I look too long and too hard at anything. It's good to do analysis of things you are drawing (or are going to draw) but for me I can't analyze and draw at the same time very well. Too much left brain kicks in.That's author/activisit Howard Zinn up on the left top. I was watching a documentary on him while I did these and he stuck in there somehow. I did a number of drawings of him, a few hits and a great many misses. This was one of the misses.


Larry Levine said...

Beautiful, expressive drawings!!!

Weirdo said...

Terrific work. These would make a fun cartoon. I love the beatnik ones. Fantastic.