Thursday, July 9, 2009


A few years ago, my friend Tom Owens turned me on to Monkey Punch's original LUPIN III comics, done in the late sixties. I had seen some of the LUPIN anime, (s'okay but not up my alley), but the comics blew my mind--admittedly influenced by Sergio Aaragones and (my deduction) Mort Drucker, the artwork is loose, dynamic, wildly expressive and the stories are crazy tales of disguises, near misses, bloody assassinations and sex. These comics are really something out of the ordinary.

These two very tame drawings show me trying to channel some of that style, but mainly in proportions only. You have to see Monkey Punch to believe him.


cartoonretro said...

I really like these sketches!

Willis Carrier said...

I'm in love with these drawings.

Weirdo said...

Monkey Punch is one of my favorite cartoonists. I also love his style. However my only problem is all his women look the same (but the same can be said of all of manga/anime).

Great sketches.

Will Finn said...

thanks! i did a few more but they aren't copying to the right size for some reason... o well.

Larry Levine said...

Great drawings!!!

Rick Roberts said...

Neat drawings will.

MP draws the funniest men ever. They are all goofy looking and gangly limbed with hairs on the back of their hands like Don Martin. Also the was he introduces a story is priceless, it starts off in some bleak mysterious place then he breaks the ice with a gag.

Weirdo: Yeah they do look the same put they are very cute.

Sherm said...

Hey Will -- you're right on with the comment about Sergio and Mort Drucker...I'm sure Monkey Punch was knee-deep in Mad magazine in the early seventies. You should still be able to find his books at Kinokuniya in LA or SF

Will Finn said...

Sherm--yes, and i forgot to mention Don Martin, which Rick points out above. And the stories are sort of like protracted Prohias SPY vs SPY tales as well.

Best of all, he was synthesizing it in a very personal way, not just ripping all these guys off. I wish there were more on MP on the internets.

aalong64 said...

I've loved the Lupin comics for a long time, for much the same reasons as you-- the artwork is some of the most dynamic, loose and exciting stuff that I've ever seen. The writing is also very funny. I'm a big fan of Lupin in general, although with the animated stuff it's for different reasons.

Here's an interview with Monkey Punch:

I've also got another interview with him in a magazine somewhere, maybe I'll transcribe it at some point.

He did two Lupin series, one in the late 60's-early 70's, then another a few years later, coinciding with the late-70's TV show, which was probably the most well-known Lupin anime. The artwork in the earlier series is more overt in its inspiration from Mad Magazine, but the layouts can be confusing at times, and the art is often overly-detailed. The later series fuses the different influences together into a more cohesive, consistent art style, but some people feel that the writing is more formulaic.