Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mighty Atom! fan art

I just stumbled across (and tricked-out with Photoshop) this phone doodle I did in the early days of ASTROBOY storyboarding, more than 2 years ago, which is hard to believe. The movie hits theaters in October and was a lot of fun to work on. I didn't see much of ASTROBOY as a kid (he didn't air on any of our local channels) but I got familiar with lots of his past incarnations during the project. Coincidentally, I had just read Tezuka's BHUDDA a while before signing on, which turned out to be (quite literally) prophetic! Looking forward to the finished film.


Brubaker said...

As a kid living in Japan, I remember that one of the stations there reran the original black-and-white show (in Japanese of course).

It was campy, even for anime, but it holds special place for being the first true TV anime.

Will Finn said...

Oh man, that original B & W series is still classic. It is a pure hybrid of a comic book and a film that is not quite like anything before or since. I watched a ton of those during the show, but I am far from being a thorough afficianado.

John S. said...

The recent revival is worth looking at too.
I love this rendition! A little Cliff Sterret meets George Herriman!

Brian S. said...

I...did NOT know that you worked on Astro Boy. This is all the more reason I like those guys at Imagi. I can't wait to see what they've got cooking up after Gatchaman!