Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sandro Cleuzo

Regular blogging here I know is slow and light lately. August has me spinning quite a few plates on a number of fronts, but I will be back at the blogging again in another week or so. Thanks for your patience. I have a lot more new art to share and am working on another LITTLE MERMAID post, in light of its upcoming 20th anniversary. Also getting things coordinated for a separate blog, which is taking a while longer than I expected.

In the meantime, I am late in offering a link to Sandro Cleuzo's blog. Sandro is one of the
greatest natural born animators I have ever met and his credits include the upcoming PRINCESS & THE FROG, EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE, HOME ON THE RANGE and ENCHANTED. A good friend and a fantastic artist.

Looks like he already has a solid following! I can't wait to see more of his work!


Sandro Cleuzo said...

Hey Will,

Thanks a lot for the link to my blog, I really appreciate it.
I too visit your blog all the time and I can't wait for more posts fro you.
I also want to make a correction about the bat in Anastasia. I actually did not do him it was the work of John Hill not mine. I think he did a good job on that character. John works now at Dreamworks.
I hope to see you again soon in LA.


Will Finn said...

Thanks Sandro, I stand corrected. And re-written!

Gav said...

Sandro is the best animator I ever worked with and I heard your pretty damn good yourself, Will

Tobias Schwarz said...

very glad that you guys are blogging!