Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Post: Syverson Bulls & Bears

Wonderfully expressive and fun spot gags by the late great Henry Syverson, from THE SATURDAY EVENING POST (circa 1960's).


ThomasHjorthaab said...


Hey Will, I'd love if you'd take a look on my blog, and leave a comment, to hear what you think:)

- Thomas

A.M.Bush said...

well those are great

samacleod said...

Yeah, these are brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

Hans Flagon said...

Syverson was finally discovered as the source for those "You Want it WHEN?" note pads, right?

Here is a what I am talking about. Mike Lynch and Mark Evanier discussed it at some point.

scott Caple said...

Dear Will,
Boy, those bring back memories.. don't even remember where from,but I used to see his work as a kid. Might have been Good Housekeeeping, they always had a page of gag cartoons on the back page. So much life!!