Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Finkmas

With apologies and admiration to the late great Brant Parker + Johnny Hart and their cartooning heirs.


Eric Noble said...

Very funny. I love it. Johnny hart and Brant parker did some very funny work with "The Wizard of Id", as well as "B.C.".

RooniMan said...

Fink is such a funny word, I love it.

elizabeth said...

Will! I'm trying to reach you to get your mailing address, and I'm commenting here because both phone number and email I sent didn't seem to work? Anyway, could you email me?

Hope you're doing well!

A.M.Bush said...

That looks great. I almost bought a couple of old books of the wizard of ID a couple of days ago.

Mike Caracappa said...

Thanks for opening up to us on your blog, Will! I'm currently enjoying a collection of the MGM Marx Brothers films for the first time. I know you and some of the best comedic animators take to this stuff like gold, so thank you and everyone else for inspiring me to seek this stuff out. I'll be sure to watch Day of the Races again in honor of you guys. :-)

Hope you had a great holiday!