Monday, December 27, 2010

Subliminal Cliff Sterrett/Charles Schulz tribute scribble

I did this after pouring over the new POLLY & HER PALS book, which I got for Christmas. A really wonderful book I have to say it is too.  I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a good bit of Cliff Sterrett's reprinted work over the years and, like everyone else, I find it one of the great masterpieces of cartooning.

This drawing made no sense to me when I made it under the heavy Sterrett influence until I remembered the first time I saw his work: 40 Christmases ago when my mom gave me the book CHARLIE BROWN & CHARLES SCHULZ, based on a lengthy TV profile of Schulz the same year. Early in the book he mentioned his childhood favorites, offering examples of POLLY and also KRAZY KAT, the first time I saw either. I've been a rabid fan of both ever since and perhaps I always subconsciously nod to Schulz for bringing them to my attention in the first place.

The new POLLY book, (like the 2 volume series in the early 1990's) focuses on the mind-blowing Sunday strips of the mid 1920's: jumbo excursions into Art Deco Surrealism that the strip is known for.  There's a lot of previously un re-printed stuff here and the gigantic format is even more expansive than ever. I hope somebody gets around to re-printing some of the classic dailies at some point, I have seen a few years' worth of them and while the dailies don't afford the epic compositions and color of the Sundays, I find his posing and expressions every bit as enjoyable without them.

Hats off to Cliff Sterrett, and the makers of this wonderful book...!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Santa MONOCLE, get it...? Oh, you did... My apologies...