Wednesday, January 12, 2011


(Not overly graphic but NSFW language, so be forewarned.)

I did this little clip of the great Gilbert Gottfried recently, from one of his notoriously classic DIRTY JOKES and hope to be working on another soon. It's been posted to FUNNY OR DIE, which for me is a big first!

(No plans on tackling THE ARISTOCRATS!  Some things are best left to the imagination...)

UPDATE: Gilbert has just launched his own website featuring tweets, news, etc.


Brubaker said...

Ha! Hope you'll do more internet animation

warren said...


You know, I always wanted to see an animated version of the Aristocrats that was done as slapstick in that movie about the joke. The guy did it great - A theme song, a silver hammer, knocked into the wall, pulling down the drapes, etc - and ended with called themselves "The Sophisticates."

chrisallison said...

hahaha awesome will! congrats on getting hooked up with funny or die. can't wait to see more

Larry Levine said...

Very cool!!!