Sunday, September 25, 2011

some scribbles

The thing directly above is "The Puce Moose", a character designed to embrace several design ideas I generally hate.

On hand also are Baz and Basil, who sometimes inhabit my woefully un-tended comics blog. They are unemployed at the moment but on my mind a lot lately. 


Brubaker said...

Could you elaborate further on the "design ideas" that you hate? That should be an interesting topic for us artists around here.

Will Finn said...


1. an animal with a mouth separate from the snout. (this always drove me crazy when I was a kid. I did cut SIDNEY a little slack tho).

2. that kind of cliché hair clump. it kind of became a default for "i don't know how to resolve the top of this character's head" .

3. one lazy shape for a head/body configuration.

4. too small feet and hands on a large character.

I play around with styles i dislike sometimes to see what ticks me off about them. and to figure out if there is a way to rectify them on my own terms... i kind of thought this design was funny for a while, but it doesn't really inspire me much. it would have to be a lot more gooney for me to warm up to it.

Kevin Langley said...

Great 'scribbles'. I've always hated animals that have their mouth separated from their snout too.

Mick said...

haaaaaaaaaa... that birdie at the top is pure joyful

Tony DiStefano said...

You always create some very funny looking characters. I love the simpsons treatment.