Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Equestrian Syverson

I don't know if Henry Syverson was a horse-owner, (maybe just one of his bosses was), but he did a number of horse gags for Saturday Evening Post back in the 1960's.  For more Syverson joy, click the tab below.


cartoonretro said...

Boy, his stuff just surges with life like few other cartoonists.

Mick said...

great full of beans cartoons.... or if you like a more bollocky observation: here the economy of line really adds a understated vibrancy to these drawings which accentuates the joviality at their core

Andre Mansim said...

Muito bom! Seus traços tem movimento e são quase caligráficos! Parabens!

The Mush said...

Thanks for more Syverson, Will. His stuff just oozes with life. Just womdering, are there any books on good, ol' Henery?
By the way, nice new logo.

Will Finn said...

really glad everybody likes these. i just love them.

THE MUSH: There are four books I know that contain copious helpings of Syverson: "TOUCHE!" a collection of his "headers" from Saturday Evening Post's POST SCRIPS humor pages (these are from that book) circa mid-to-late 1960's.

Another is LOVINGLY YOURS, a sweet little collection of his gag panels from the late 1940's thru the late 1950's; and WHAT'S SO FUNNY ABOUT THAT? a collection of various cartoons from the same era by many good cartoonists.

AESOP'S FABLES by Arthur Colbentz is circa 1968 is richly illustrated by Syverson.

Some spot illos appear in THE SPOUSE IN THE HOUSE and A DIABOLICAL DICTIONARY OF EDUCATION by Richard Armour and BED, BREAKFAST & BOTTLED WATER by Ken Morgan (not very many in that one).

Check out the used book sites for these. Also any Saturday Evening Post magazine from the late 1940's to the late 1960's is likely to contain his artwork. He was a regular and appeared there in something like three out of every four issues. He was often published in COLLIER'S and other magazines of the era as well.


Sketchees said...

Great post! Love the expressions in these.