Sunday, September 25, 2011

some scribbles

The thing directly above is "The Puce Moose", a character designed to embrace several design ideas I generally hate.

On hand also are Baz and Basil, who sometimes inhabit my woefully un-tended comics blog. They are unemployed at the moment but on my mind a lot lately. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Me by Pete

Still furiously sorting through the decades and finally re-located this little gem.

Around 1992 or 93 Nik Rainieri and I were invited to do a kind of "chalk talk" at a convention of Disney collectors, among several other artists and contributors to the Disney empire who were invited to appear. I believe this was the first time I got to meet Pete Emslie, who was also one of the guests. A week or so later, Nik and I each got our Emslie original caricatures in the mail, compliments of the man himself. A nifty and flattering likeness of the younger me it is too...

 Thanks Pete!

UPDATE: Pete was nice enough to send along this photo from the event, which he verifies as occurring all of 19 short years ago.