Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Equestrian Syverson

I don't know if Henry Syverson was a horse-owner, (maybe just one of his bosses was), but he did a number of horse gags for Saturday Evening Post back in the 1960's.  For more Syverson joy, click the tab below.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

ROBIN HOOD poses by Ken Anderson

With both late Autumn and tales of "Robin Hood" protests in the air, now seems as good a time as any to share this lovely piece gifted to me by the late great Ken Anderson, way back in December 1973. I had earlier written a fan letter to Ward Kimball, who was gracious enough not only to personally reply, but to pass my enthusiastic praise of Ken Anderson's work along to the man himself. I had seen some of Ken's work in Disney magazines and had been delighted by a preview of the then upcoming ROBIN HOOD movie, and my letter to Kimball touched on that. Years later, long after my letters had been forgotten by both gentlemen, I was able to piece together from the few times I got to meet and speak with them that Mr. Kimball was no fan of the movie nor did he seem particularly close to Mr. Anderson. In fact, Mr. Kimball was so at odds with the studio around that time that he was in the process of what amounted to a de facto early retirement. It says a lot about their professionalism that I had no clue of any of this from their responses to my correspondence.

I have to confess that even as a kid, I was disappointed with ROBIN HOOD when I finally saw it a few months later. Still, it was a thrill to get this lovely original and doubly thrilling when I discovered it also appeared in Christopher Finch's THE ART OF WALT DISNEY (Andreas owns the beautiful character lineup on the same page, I believe). It retains a fond place in my collection, along with both artist's kind notes of encouragement, which in no small part have kept my enthusiasm for my career path (checkered as it has sometimes been) alive and well.